About Us

Shashwat classes, as the name reflects, we believe in the fundamental paradigms of academics. Its our conviction that if education is delivered with true parameters, it becomes a sport enjoyable to everyone. We neither claim PERFECTIONISM nor do we proclaim about our MASTERY but we do assure that we shall inject GENERAL STUDIES in your blood with our endeavors.

Featured Case Studies

Personality development class on a regular basis

Goody bags for children

English language classes

Creative activities like painting, art, games, and sports

Counseling session for parents

Individual counseling session

Computer knowledge to strengthen their technical skills

Educational trips

How can you help

A token of gratitude is always accepted.
  1. Website design, writing, daily updates on MAD CARE is always welcome.
  2. We would be happy to have a number of interns in order to help the kids to prosper in their school work, activities, and boosting their level of confidence.
  3. Teachers to educate the lot in a better manner to raise them in confident and smart kids.
  4. Fundraising – Through camps, events etc.