Shashwat classes, as the name reflects, we believe in the fundamental paradigms of academics. Its our conviction that if education is delivered with true parameters, it becomes a sport enjoyable to everyone. We neither claim PERFECTIONISM nor do we proclaim about our MASTERY but we do assure that we shall inject GENERAL STUDIES in your blood with our endeavours.

Our Motive

In this world of diversities where efforts and consequences are endless, we have stood up together to deliver our composition judiciously without any pre-assumption and conclusion. The whole idea is to do justice with our efforts, conscience and nation. So wish US Good Luck and be a part of this noble process if you find it worth.

A Core GS Team
Healthy Batch Strength
Bilingual Classes


separate Modules for every Course (because we understand that every course is exclusive in itself…)
separate Faculties for every Discipline (because we understand that Specialisation in multiple disciplines at this coveted level of academics is just a MYTH)
We Prioritise discipline before academics (because it is our firm conviction that Education without Values is just a social contamination)


We are different because we keep discipline on the fundamental principles because we believe that education without cost formation is just a social pollution.

हम अलग हैं क्यूंकि हम विद्या मूलों के ऊपर अनुशासन को रखते है क्यूंकि हमारी ये आस्था है की बिना मूल्य निरूपण के शिक्षा बस एक सामाजिक प्रदुषण है । वो कहते हैं ना जो जिस पल को जीता है , बस वहीँ उस पल का मोख्तार होता  है।

Faculty Speak


Narendra Singh

History & Polity

Vivekanand once said this and it stays inside me as a form conviction take risk in your life – “if you win you can lead and if you lose you can guide”

students of 21st century are enlightened enough but they are overloaded with plethora of random ideas in a manner that perpetuating an appropriate path and generating a solid perception appear difficult. thanks to all forms of media where streaming of ideas and information are undoubtedly appreciable but simultaneously the biased, unauthentic and inappropriate information have created such a chaos. that it leads to dilemma almost all the times. the blind commercialization of print and digital media without proper checks and balances is consistently adding to the turmoil.


Abhishek Ranjan

Geography & Polity

Like any Homo Sapiens, i do have diversity of instincts but I cut it short and try to deliver the requisites in optimum fashion exploring all possibilities and my capability. To educate my surrounding as per my capacity is a natural drive inside me and my perception in this context does not comprise anything big or overwhelming. All I aspire for is to be honest in rendering this service. Rest is mysterious cosmic conclusions which are beyond our mathematical premises.

“Winning and Losing are just two events. Let’s just play our game judiciously.

Good Luck